Under the  ICEX Next export introduction  program, Econovedades SL  has been supported by ICEX and co-financed by the ERDF European Funding. The purpose of this support is  contributing to the international development of the company and of his own environment.



We are a leading company, pioneer and specialist in design, development and manufacturing of ortho-oxyhydrogen and oxyhydrogen generating equipment. Being these our only field of study, research and development with a background of more than 10 years experience. We are a company with a long trajectory and extensive experience in the sector of application of these gases as method to reduce the consumption and pollution of fossil fuels. We apply this gas in multiple sectors of industry such as boilers, burners, ship engines, welding, etc. Among other machines, we manufacture an innovative machine which is transforming the national and international markets, being supported by reports, certificates and customers which endorse us. All our products are distinguished by their efficiency, precision, stability, energetic efficiency and maximized environmental protection. Due to our great success (which we are proud of), machines are appearing in the market that are nothing compared to our own, however, in many cases, the same arguments are being used and even the same external design of the machine, as well as the website and texts within our documentation is being copied. In many cases, these machines are manufactured in Asia and their quality; exterior and of the internal components, are doubtful and do not comply with the CE regulations even when they state otherwise. They usually impose mandatory use of consumables of a chemical nature (even though they state is it of ecological nature), and they provide with indications of production, characteristics and consume which are most of the time fake and not contrasted. We are true experts in the application of this gas for different uses. We would like to invite interested garages to take some time before coming to the decision of such an important purchase, and carry out a comparison between the previously mentioned machines and our own (quality, security, gas production, service, warranty, cleaning costs, certificates, etc.) DO NOT HESITATE IN CONTACTING US. WE OFFER A DEMONSTRATION WITHOUT ANY COMMITMENT.


Due to our great success, there has been machines appearing in the market which are being called (decarbonizers/carbon cleaners) by their manufacturers, however, WE FEEL OBLIGED TO INFORM AND WARN THAT, IN MOST CASES, THESE ARE VERY BAD QUALITY AND DESIGN INSTALLABLE KITS FOR VEHICLES (sold in boxes either similar or not to ours and which are, in most cases connected to the battery (12 or 25 volt) and inclusive 220 volt( simply throught a commuter source of low power) and their gas production is inferior to the amount needed and recommended, not allowing to achieve either successful or lasting clean-ups.


Econovedades I-D-i, S.L. is a company dedicated to the development, design and manufacturing of innovative products dedicated to the fields of ecology and energy saving in general.

Econovedades I-D-i, S.L. researches and develops environmentally friendly types of fuels, trying to avoid the use of fossil fuels and hydrocarbons.We are pioneers in hybrid and alternative energy systems, with particular emphasis on promoting the use of hydrogen and orto-oxyhydrogen (HHO), its technology and its possible applications.

We have designed and manufactured exclusive equipment and methods that catalyze fossil fuels, reducing considerably the toxic emissions and obtaining, in most cases, considerable savings.

Econovedades I-D-i, S.L. commitment is the further development and manufacturing of systems to promote clean energy and be able to reduce, at the highest possible percentage, the use of fossil fuels (primarily responsible for environmental pollution) contributing this way to the protection of our environment, and thus of our future.

Our track record in this field, puts us in a privileged position, both nationally and internationally. To date, we have developed, manufactured and sold thousands of machines for different areas of use, (decarbonising engines, assistant furnaces, saving equipments of motors of all types, in the field of agriculture and even health).

Our developments, the high quality of our products, our seriousness and our know-how are the key to our continued growth.

Descarbonizadoras España, its part of Econovedades group and is the company responsible for marketing the carbon cleaning systems.



If you like to take care of your car, make the check-ups, (changing filters, wheels, brake pads, oil change, etc.) now there is no long an excuse to not add to your regular maintenance the internal engine carbon cleaning service. The engine is the heart of the vehicle, as it is the responsible for the movement and power of your vehicle. Carbon deposits, are the vehicles cholesterol, it's like for humans, if the veins are blocked, the heart does not yield the most and lose power, strength and performance and every effort will cost us much more, and can lead us to bigger problems of health.

It's exactly the same with vehicles, as the carbon is installed in the ducts and the combustion chamber, the engine does not perform as well and its performance decreases day after day, generating power losses, acceleration failures, auto-burning, increased consumption and a long list of harmful symptoms.Those symptoms are not usually seen at first, but eventually they will pass the bill to the engine and of course  to your pocket. 

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