How to use it?

Our equipment is designed and manufactured to be handled by any operator with simple training by our agents.

The steps are simple:

In about 60 minutes the engine will recover the original performance ensuring the total customer satisfaction

What is and what does the oxyhydrogen gas?

Our machines use a process of high efficiency electrolysis dissociating the oxygen and hydrogen in water, becoming the latest in a gas called orto-oxyhydrogen (commonly called HHO gas or Brown Gas).

The high calorific value of orto-oxyhydrogen gas injected into the engine, causes that the combustion temperature rises fast, causing a controlled pyrolysis that takes off, burns, breakdown and removes all carbon deposits accumulated in just 60 minutes.

Without Orto-Oxyhydrogen

With Orto-Oxyhydrogen

i-1000 2


iX-1000 GLH model produces orto-oxyhydrogen gas (equivalent to 15LPM HHO gas) and is designed for use in engines with ranging from 100 cc to 5,000 cc, as the amount of gas can be adjusted as needed.
Inside the machine is totally made in 316 and 304 stainless steel, the exterior features a structure made of lacquered galvanized steel sheet.
Throughout our equipment manufacturing, a serie of actual operation tests, in which the operating data and the results of specific tests are collected by our staff.

During the manufacturing process the equipments are tested as a unit.The materials used in the manufacture of our machines have the certificates of quality to ensure at all times that they meet the defined specifications marked for them and to maintain compliance with
applicable European regulations.

For us quality is a must and is what allows us to offer each machine a full 1 year warranty.


Our machines among other security systems, incorporate a unique safety system, which only allows its operation when it detects that the engine is working and if it turns off the machine will automatically stop.This security is of paramount importance to prevent gas accumulation in the engine if this is off.

Where to use the orto-oxyhydrogen gas?

The use of our machines is very convenient and suitable for all types of engines, whether cars, vans, agricultural machinery, ships, trucks, buses, generators, irrigation pumps etc. It can be used in any engine regardless of the fossil fuel used: diesel, gasoline, LPG, biodiesel etc.