Due to our great success, there has been machines appearing in the market which are being called (decarbonizers/carbon cleaners) by their manufacturers, however, WE FEEL OBLIGED TO INFORM AND WARN THAT, IN MOST CASES, THESE ARE VERY BAD QUALITY AND DESIGN INSTALLABLE KITS FOR VEHICLES (sold in boxes either similar or not to ours and which are, in most cases connected to the battery (12 or 25 volt) and inclusive 220 volt( simply throught a commuter source of low power) and their gas production is inferior to the amount needed and recommended, not allowing to achieve either successful or lasting clean-ups.
THESE MACHINES ARE USELESS AND DAMAGING FOR THE ENGINE, this is because the gas that is produced is usually contaminated with electrolyte; that is why this pseudo-decarboniser machines are offered at an extremely expensive price, in relation to the quality delivered, and THEY NEED A CONSUMABLE (WHICH IS USUALLY WATER WITH AN ELECTROLYTE), THIS CONSUMABLE EVAPORATES WITH THE GAS, RESULTING IN CORROSION BEING PRODUCED WITHIN THE ENGINE BLOCK AS WELL AS OTHER COMBUSTION RELATED PARTS.

These manufacturers-sellers use as their main argument to sell their equipment the same information as we provide, and this leads to confusion and creates a bad image for our own equipment, which has been developed and tested for and by professionals in the sector and comply with all the warranties of equipment developed by a leading company in this sector.

The severity of the statements made by these manufacturers reaches the point to announce that is counterproductive to inject more than 2 litres of gas per minute into the engine. To be able to manufacture equipment working in 220 and 380 with the necessary gas, high knowledge in electronics of power, mechanics, chemistry and physics are required, which not all companies count with. Therefore this argument, which affirms that these small and insufficient quantities they produce are the correct production for the engine, is their only way of justifying their low production and bad quality.

Imagining this argument was true, (less gas); we should specify that our equipment can be regulated to a minimum of 1 litre per minute all the way to the maximum recommended production. We have designed and developed machines that can be regulated to lower production because we understand that, in some cases, small engine clean-ups may be required (such as mopeds, small generators, light powered two-wheelers, etc.). For this reason, if the customer requirement is this, as manufacturers, we can produce 12volt equipment. In addition, the quality will be far superior to the one the previously mentioned sellers offer, the prices will be more affordable and of course, no consumables will be required as our technology will not emit or evaporate electrolyte with the gas, our ethic and compromise does not allow us to manufacture a product that does not comply with security regulations and real needs of our customers.

As a highlight, all our equipment is made of stainless steel 304 or 316 (depending on the elements), and incorporates an unique self-development systems for safety for the machine and user. Our company has been located and introduced in a technological business park as conditioned (vivero empresarial) and new and innovative technologies.

As technical explanation, it should be known that, any equipment working at 12volt or that does not offer at least 1800 watt of power, will not, under any circumstances, be able to clean an engine, not in 60 min nor in 5 hours or 10 days, and, of course, it won’t clean it in 30 min, opposite to what some manufacturers affirm.

It is necessary to know that, in the best of cases, and with an equipment manufactured with the best quality, design and efficiency, 1 litre per min can be produced at 170V,  and if these manufacturers affirm their technology differs, this should be demonstrated comparing the production of their machines with our own, this will allow you to realise where the scam is.

In all cases, 12V equipment cannot generate more than 3 litres per minute without overpowering/forcing the engine’s alternator and supposing a high risk of damaging it. This is because with 14V and 20 Amp at best, only 1,5 litres per minute can be produced. Due to the efficiency, they are necessary at least 220V to generate 1 litre per minute.

In all cases, 12V equipment cannot generate more than 3 litres per minute without overpowering/forcing the engine’s alternator and supposing a high risk of damaging it. This is because with 14V and 20 Amp at best, only 1,5 litres per minute can be produced. Due to the efficiency, they are necessary at least 220V to generate 1 litre per minute.

We can certify that after having carried out thousands of tests in all sectors (automotive, naval, machinery, etc...) we can affirm that to be able to carry out a deep and full clean-up (depending on the engine between 30 and 120 min are necessary, at least 10 litres per min for engines up to 5,000 cc, 15 litres per min for engines up to 10,000 and 25 litres per min for engines up to 20,000 cc) and this is the only way to achieve a professional job which can be fully satisfying for the user and, ultimately, the customer.

With a production of 1 or 3  litres per min only a really shallow clean-up can be achieved. Even with that, in some cases, positive results can be seen, however, they do not last (only  a few hours to  a few days) and, what is worst, not carrying out a deep and complete clean-up makes the carbon deposits softer in some areas, which releases it without breaking it up and that supposes a high risk of suffering clogging and engine failure.

Do not let them fool you, apply for a visit to our local distributor and compare the differences of manufacturing, the gas production, the quality-price relationship, the post-sale warranties, the technical service, the positive reports from many organisations and  distributors which have chosen us, out international expansion and extensive experience in design, development and manufacturing of oxyhydrogen and ortho-oxyhydrogen producing equipment for multiple applications and , lastly, keep in mind that (in opposite of what others offer) our equipment does not need any consumable.(Our machine works exclusively with water, reducing the cost to less than 60 cents for each clean-up, as well as it doesn't create a dependence of a product that has be provided by the distributor.

The fact that main dealers such as Renault-truck, Iveco, Peugeot, Porsche, BMW, Citroen, Volkswagen, Renault, Bosch Car service garages and El Corte Inglés garages, etc, have chosen us backs us up and sets us as leader manufacturers of ortho-oxyhydrogen producing equipment national and internationally (all the information is available in our official website and our facebook).

Our machines comply with all the CE regulations and, as manufacturers, we have all necessary RC to cover any incident linked to a manufacturing fault (in addition to the complete warranty we offer), our decarbonizer machines are protected by a usability model and a industrial design and our brand is registered and protected.

Our machines include unique systems developed by our engineering department, for example, an automatic start-up/stop system (in case the engine stops during the clean-up), automatic and manual EGR opening and closing (for a deep clean-up), a smoke and pollution measurement system, for a better control of a complete clean-up (with the possibility of obtaining a printed certificate for the customer), etc, to ensure as secure operation of the machine and long lasting lifespan (more than 10 years).

We are a consolidated company, with national and international relevance, counting with references from official organisations and more than 10 years of experience in the market, bringing solutions to different sectors such as, decarbonizer machines, installable kits for vehicles, lorries, industrial and naval machinery, equipment to help combustion in boilers for domestic and industrial use, welding systems for crafts and industry and shortly we will have available , an uniquely developed boiler that will save 80% of any fossil fuel and reduce pollution in more than 90% will be available.

All this, is what endorses us as leaders in development, manufacture and installation in multiple applications with the contribution of ortho-oxyhydrogen gas.

Do no hesitate, ask for a consultation.

We are at  your complete disposal.

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